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///BLACK PANTHER: CONCEPT CASE STUDIES IN FUTURISM/// Black Panther is one of my favorite films to have worked on. Besides the historic precedence it has set as the first major tent-pole film with an all black cast, director, and production designer, it was an amazing experience to world build a futuristic world that was unfettered by pre-existing ideas of western futurism. I worked closely with the production designer Hannah Beachler (Fruitvale Station, Creed, Moonlight, and Beyonce's Lemonade), to come up with a vision of Wakanda that feels authentic to a secretive highly advanced African nation. Below are images I created that both made it into the movie, as well as concepts for a never-built Wakanda. It was satisfying to see ideas percolate through to the final film after having followed through a serpentine journey of discovery, research, and ideation. >>> SHURI'S LEXUS CAR INTERFACE >>>> Below is an illustrated story sequence showing how Shuri could rapidly prototype an interior of a Lexus car to use it as an interface to remotely control the car that T'Challa surfs on top of in Busan Korea. This also had an early version of the Kimoyo Bead Server Fountain that was eventually cut out of the final film. The same sand nannite interface later is used to quickly grow a mockup interface for the Agent Ross character to remotely fly the Royal Talon Fighter. >>> SHURI'S KIMOYO HOLOGRAPHIC INTERFACE>>>> Below is an illustrated story sequence showing how Shuri can holographically project a conference call with her Kimoyo communicator. In this sequence, she passes the interface to a larger Kimoyo bead, which in turn projects a life scale version of Okoye. >>> ROYAL TALON SANDTHROW>>>> Below is an illustrated story sequence depicting how the volatile yet multi-purpose properties of vibranium nannites could be easily formed into improvised explosive device. Okoye grabs a handful of sand and is able to roll it into small beads, which she then tosses to T'Challa. Black Panther then exits through a irising floor and skydives onto the militants in the jungle below. This sequence also shows off the tactical lighting of luxury mobile command center. >>> SHURI INTRODUCES THE NEXT GENERATION OF T'CHALLA BLACK PANTHER SUIT>>>> Below is an illustrated story sequence of how the sand interface is also able to rapid prototype T'Challa's new vibranium nannite based Black Panther suit. >>>NEVER-BUILT WAKANDA>>>> Below are concepts and ideas for various versions of Wakandan interiors and interfaces that never made it to the big screen. Desiging for a film is an organic process that changes as the scripts and budget develops. >>>NEVER-BUILT WAKANDA: IMMERSIVE 360 PANORAMA>>>> Below is a 360 video showing some of the immersive concepts that were created for Black Panther. These feature never used alternate ideas that illustrate the journey it took for concepts to arrive to the eventual film.