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///GHOST IN THE SHELL/// I was excited to work on this version of Ghost in the Shell with director Rupert Sanders and production designer Jan Roelfs. Controversies aside, it was fun to experiment with forced garishness, maximalism, and retro-futurism. A lot of what I worked on was early days and trying to throw things at the wall to see what sticked. Ultimately, the movie itself stylistically went more of the route of a conventional remake. Below are some vehicle sketches I had done for this film. Some quick, and some I had more time. Ultimately budget, time, and sponsors would decide what would end up in the film. Here are some environment concepts that were also done. A lot of them were exercises in repeat-ism and how we could push the garishness (wood brutalism, chunky 80's proportions, etc.) that it could possibly be cool again? Also included in this are quick and dirty photo-bashes to see what would stick.