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///REAL STEEL/// Real Steel was my first big time Art Directors Guild union movie. I had a lot of fun designing robots for this film, in particular Atom. Below is some of my work from the film, as well as art dept animations and 3d models I did.
This is an early version of Atom I modeled and designed based on a few ideas from Tom Meyer (the production designer). Tom wanted to see a turntable as well some animation, so I made a quick rig in Maya as well as used what little knowledge of boxing martial arts I had as reference.
Later, I did another animation test, but this time involving Atom fighting Zeus (Colossas). I modeled Zeus based on a design by Simon Murton.
I did a rough interior layout of Charlie's truck in Maya. My initial idea was to have transparent solar panels that could act as a sunroof. In this turntable animation render is a light study of day vs. night. The truck itself is based on an old International Harvester that I was quite impressed they were able to find.
The robot cart was based on the Mars rover, as well as the old Radio Flyer wagons kids used to play with. Unfortunately, for the actual production of the film, they abandoned the complicated rockers for the wheels.